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Nesting Box / Small

Nesting Box / Small

Item Number:852468

In captivity, Sugar glider typically nest in hollowed out trees. They climb into holes made by other animals, and nest in the hollows. This nest box mimicks the natural nesting techniques used by gliders in the wild.

Size - 5" length x 5" width x 6" height.

Entry hole in the front of box (1.75 inches wide) allows for easy entry and is sanded smooth with rounded edges. Top opens on a hinge for easy access to view or remove your glider(s). Attached hardware (included) allows for easy mounting to any cage. Our suggestion is to mount the box higher in the top corner, against the side of your pets cage. When used for breeding, mount closer to bottom of cage so that babies can easily find their way out and back in. Add some nesting material, like Cozy Cotton and watch your Glider build a natural nesting station! Helpful hint: Line the interior of the box with waterproof shelve paper (the type used for kitchen cabinets that is sticky on one side and waterproof on the other).

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Nesting Box / Small