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Sugar Glider Toys

Sugar Gliders are active, playful creatures that love to be entertained with toys. They'll also entertain you with all their wild, fun activity! They get the most benefit from certain types of toys that encourage their natural activities found in the wild, like jumping, swinging and climbing. Toys like ropes, ladders and swings are recommended to mimic this type of activity. Foraging toys will provide them with a stimulating challenge when it comes time to feed or give treats. Add 2-3 toys to your pet's cage at a time and switch them out regularly for continued stimulation.

Sugar Glider Play Gym

Tropical Teaser / Mr. Bean

Tropical Hideaway

Tiki Forage toy

Tip & Treat Dispenser
Price: $5.89
Sale Price: $5.19

Treasure Chest Forage Toy

House of Treats

Barrel of Fun

Forage Egg

 Triple Treat Foraging Toy


Forage Globe with Bell

Doors & Drawers Foranging Toy

Space Circles

Veggie Basket
Price: $6.89
Sale Price: $5.49

California Calcium Twister

Sisal Rope Swing

Cotton Ring Swing



Spinning Bells

Activity Bell

Quad Pod

Silly Saucer


Fun House Mirrors


 Double Axis Mirror

Sugar Glider Basketball Toy

Sugar Glider Bowling Toy

Rock And Roll Swing

Klik Klak Toy

Glider Harness and Leash

Psycho Toy

Bungie Toy
Price: $8.49
Sale Price: $7.30


Jumping Jingles

Glider Bungee Spring

Cotton Bungee Twister

Beaded Bridge

Coil of Fun

Kladder Ladder

Wooden Ladder 14 inch

Pop-up -  PLAY GYM

Allow us to help you with your Sugar glider husbandry issues. The informative pages listed in our department titled 'Educational Articles' contain quality information to guide you in the care and raising of your pet Sugar gliders. Take the time to read through this important information, preferably before you purchase a pet Sugar Glider. Articles on Sugar glider food, Sugar glider cages, and suggested Veterinarians are listed, along with breeding information and purchasing guides. Being informed on the care and breeding of Sugar gliders will benefit both you, and your new pets. It will also help you avoid health issues with your Sugar Gliders in the future.

Sugar Glider Toys