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Sanitation products that solve odor problems.

Odor / SanitationWant to eliminate the odors from your Gliders? Elimina is one of the best odor eliminating formulas you can use (98% success rate).

Safe to use with Sugar gliders and all other small mammals. Unlike many odor control products on the market that cover up pet urine and musk smells, ELIMINA works internally. You spray ELIMINA on you petís food daily, the smell from the petís waste will be virtually undetectable to humans within 3 days.

Safe and effective, Elimina will keep your Gliders cage and living area free from the harsh odors associated with odors from waste and urine.

The active ingredient in ELIMINA, anthium dioxide, is an oxygenating agent, which means it enhances the exchange of oxygen at the cellular level and improves the petís digestion. Anthium dioxide also selectively oxidizes the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia molecules in the waste. So ELIMINA works in harmony with the petís digestive system. Elimina is a clear, odorless liquid.

Is ELIMINA TM safe? In more than twenty years of clinical studies conducted on many kinds of animals (including mice, rats and monkeys) and humans, the main ingredient (anthium dioxide) has been proven harmless. Even with chronic forced feeding over extended periods, there has never been any detrimental health impact.

Odor / Sanitation