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No Mess Feeding Station

No Mess Feeding Station

Item Number:390932

No Mess Feeding Station
No Mess Feeding Station
Here is a terrific product that keeps the mess your Sugar Glider makes when feeding contained. This acrylic feeding station allows your Sugar glider to enter and feed. All of the mess stays contained. The bottom comes apart for easy cleaning and filling. Entire unit mounts directly to the cage, and has a slip-off mount, so you can easily take the unit in and out of the cage without detaching from mount. Comes in assorted colors, you may receive different color than what is pictured, we cannot accept specific color choices. - Fastens easily and securely - Dishwasher Safe (top shelf only) - Fits Horizontal and Vertical Bars - Size - 5 inches across x 5 inches tall

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No Mess Feeding Station