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Glider Complete

Exotic Nutrition's Glider Complete is a nutritionally fortified pellet, along with 8 varieties of real fruit chunks. It is now easy to offer your Sugar glider a varied diet that contains high animal proteins and fruits without the hassle of mixing and cutting. We combine a high-protein pellet with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to give your Sugar Glider exactly what is needed for proper growth and development. Some of the diversified ingredients in Glider Complete include papaya, pears, golden raisins, pineapple, apples, peaches, blueberries, apricots, honey, and bee pollen.

For less then the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can feed your Sugar Glider a quality food made with wholesome grains, high quality proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits! Plus, Exotic Nutrition Foods contain a blend of vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants. These include ingredients that have been known to strengthen your pet's immune system and support their life stage requirements.

Glider Complete