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Exercise Wheels

Sharp nails can cause scratches. One way to avoid this, is to trim your pets nails on a regular basis. The new Sandy Trimmer Wheel makes this easy! This is not a paper insert that fits over your existing running track, this is a glider safe plastic track, with soft abrasive material permanently bonded to it! Track is washable for easy maintenance. This is the popular Wodent wheel that has an innovative running surface made of a soft sand material (pet safe) that is permanently bonded to the inner running surface of the wheel. Your pet's nails are trimmed automatically as they run in a Sandy Trimmer Wheel . "The only exercise wheel recommended and approved by the ASPCA during their Seal of Approval program (1999-2006)." If you are tired of clipping nails, or are just putting up with the scratches, try a Sandy Trimmer Wheel ! If you already own an Wodent Wheel, we also offer the Sandy Trimmer Tracks separately

Allow us to help you with your Sugar glider husbandry issues. The informative pages listed in our department titled 'Educational Articles' contain quality information to guide you in the care and raising of your pet Sugar gliders. Take the time to read through this important information, preferably before you purchase a pet Sugar Glider. Articles on Sugar glider food, Sugar glider cages, and suggested Veterinarians are listed, along with breeding information and purchasing guides. Being informed on the care and breeding of Sugar gliders will benefit both you, and your new pets. It will also help you avoid health issues with your Sugar Gliders in the future.