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Our cages are manufactured by the respected HQ company and are finished with a pet safe 'Powder Coat'. These Sugar Glider cages have correct bar spacing (1/4") with quality long lasting finishes that are tested and found to be Glider-safe. They are manufactured with the highest quality, all are shipped knocked down to avoid damage during transit. Fast order processing and shipping, direct to your door, all cages are in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise indicated.

Congo Cage
Price: $229.95
Sale Price: $187.95

Congo Cage & Starter Package
Price: $289.95
Sale Price: $229.90

Brisbane Cage
Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $134.95

 Brisbane Cage & Starter Package
Price: $209.95
Sale Price: $185.95

Madagascar Cage
Price: $179.95
Sale Price: $164.95

Madagascar Cage & Starter Package
Price: $219.95
Sale Price: $199.95

Hexagonal  Cage
Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $279.95

Double Wide Sugar Glider Cage

Oriental Tall Cage
Price: $219.95
Sale Price: $189.95

Peak Roof Cage

Kritter Castle Cage

Exotic Pet Home
Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $94.40

Cage finishes .... don't be fooled!

Starter Package
Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $69.95

Cage Accessory Kit for Brisbane/Congo Cage

Universal Cage Accessory Kit


Cage Accessories

Gold Standard Cage Lock

Travel Carriers

Replacement Tray / Brisbane Cage

Replacement Tray / Madagascar Cage

Replacement Tray / Congo Cage

Cage Assembly Videos

Allow us to help you with your Sugar glider husbandry issues. The informative pages listed in our department titled 'Educational Articles' contain quality information to guide you in the care and raising of your pet Sugar gliders. Take the time to read through this important information, preferably before you purchase a pet Sugar Glider. Articles on Sugar glider food, Sugar glider cages, and suggested Veterinarians are listed, along with breeding information and purchasing guides. Being informed on the care and breeding of Sugar gliders will benefit both you, and your new pets. It will also help you avoid health issues with your Sugar Gliders in the future.

Fun Tunnel (Small)
Fun Tunnel (Small)

Glider Booster (Multivitamin) 2 oz.
Glider Booster (Multivitamin) 2 oz.
Price: $8.39
Sale Price: $6.99

Come-A-Long Carrier (Small)
Come-A-Long Carrier (Small)

No Mess Feeding Station
No Mess Feeding Station
Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $17.74

Abutilon Cage Plant
Abutilon Cage Plant

Glider-Cal (Calcium Supplement) 3.5 oz.
Glider-Cal (Calcium Supplement) 3.5 oz.
Price: $8.95
Sale Price: $6.64

Mixed Fruit Gumivore-Fare
Mixed Fruit Gumivore-Fare
Price: $8.39
Sale Price: $7.63

Pureayre  - Odor Eliminator
Pureayre - Odor Eliminator

Sugar Glider Cages