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Cage Accessories

Great selection of products for your Sugar Gliders' cage. Interactive items such as ladders, hanging dens, add-on shelves etc. Add a few bendable ropes or Manzanitta branches to your pets' cage for exercise and entertainment.

Sandy Trimmer Tunnels

Chewbular Play Tunnels

Fun Tunnels

Nesting Boxes

<font color=red><i>New...</i></font>  Island Hideaway
Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $17.77

Coconut Hide-A-Way
Price: $16.89
Sale Price: $14.49

Cross Tube Runway

<font color=red><i>New...</i></font>  Sea Grass Snuggle Hut
Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $16.59

Rope Runners

Jumbo Climbing Rope

Corkscrew Rope

Cross Rope

Jungle Vines

Wacky Wood

Manzanitta Climbing Branches

Sandy Branch / Forked

Sandy Branch / Straight

Natures Perch Maker

Wonder Walks

Natural Climbing Ladder

Natural Climbing Ladder / LARGE

Wooden Ladder 14 inch

Beaded Bridge

Gold Standard Cage Lock

Pop-Up Playpen

Wire Ladder 20 inches

Wire Ladder  24 inch

Wire Shelf

The Sun Deck

<font color=red><i>New...</i></font>  Corner Cage Platform

Corner Platform Shelf

Solid Cage Shelf & Ladder

Cage Platform

Ficus Cage Plant

Ruscus Cage Plant

Abutilon Cage Plant

Viewing House

Acrylic House


Globe Sugar Glider House

The Groove Tube
Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $7.95

Tunnel of Love

Hanging Play Tunnel

Nail Trimmer

Glider Harness and Leash

Sugar Glider STARTER PACKAGE SET (No Cage)
Price: $77.23
Sale Price: $49.95

Stainless Skewers

Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $7.95

Sugar Glider Window Decal

Double Hammock <font color=red><i>out of stock</i></font>

Cage Bedding

Heaters & Lighting

Odor / Sanitation

Allow us to help you with your Sugar glider husbandry issues. The informative pages listed in our department titled 'Educational Articles' contain quality information to guide you in the care and raising of your pet Sugar gliders. Take the time to read through this important information, preferably before you purchase a pet Sugar Glider. Articles on Sugar glider food, Sugar glider cages, and suggested Veterinarians are listed, along with breeding information and purchasing guides. Being informed on the care and breeding of Sugar gliders will benefit both you, and your new pets. It will also help you avoid health issues with your Sugar Gliders in the future.

Cage Accessories