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Baby Premium Sugar Glider Diet 3 lb.

Baby Premium Sugar Glider Diet 3 lb.

Item Number:49588474

Exotic Nutrition's Baby Premium Sugar Glider Diet is a nutritionally fortified, easy-to-feed granular food that contains the recommended calcium/phosphorous ratio and high protein levels (40.18%) for a growing Glider, plus added bee pollen and honey for enticing sweetness. We combine the pellet with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to give your Sugar Glider exactly what is needed for proper growth and development. Some of the diversified ingredients that are ground into the pellets include blueberries, broccoli, raspberries, honey, and bee pollen.

Directions for feeding: Feed Baby Premium Sugar Glider Diet free choice to your pet daily along with fresh fruits/vegetables or canned/dried/live insects. Adjust the amount fed to ensure your pet's optimum body weight. Provide instant-HPW for additional nutrients to vary the diet. Do not leave moistened food in the cage for more than 2 hours or dry food for more than 24 hours. Always provide fresh drinking water to your Sugar Glider.

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Baby Premium Sugar Glider Diet 3 lb.